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1. We are obliged to accept it as true in the_______of other evidence.

A. shortage                 B. haste

C. absence                    D. lack

2. He _______ our criticism with an poen mind.

A. accepted                 B. received

C. adopted                     D. Admitted

3.Mrs. Smith_______ tears when she heard her daughter had died in the road accident.

A. broke in                     B. broke up

C. broke through                  D. broke into

4. Retail sales volume in local urban and rural areas rose 57.8 per cent and 46.8 per cent_______over February 1995

A. individually                      B. accordingly

C. correspondingly               D. respectively

5.You are not quite _______  when you call a computer an electronic brain.

A. right                   B. correct

C. perfect                       D. accurate

6.Not all persons arrested and _______  with a crime are guiltyand the main function of criminal courts is to determine who is guilty under the law.

A. sentenced                    B. accused

C. persecuted                    D. charged

7.But whats the _______ of using nuclear power

A. interest                        B. benefit

C. profit                     D. advantage

8.Without computer networkit would be impossible to carry on _______ any business operation in the advanced countries.

A practically                  B preferably

C precisely                     D possibly

9.He _______ that a combination of recent oil discoveries and the advance of new technology will lead to a decline in the price of crude oil.

A. predicts                          B. compels

C. arranges                      D. disputes

10.The rain will_______our plan for a picnic.

A. affect                      B. influence

C. effect                      D. infect

11. He  _______ me by his wonderful speech.

A. admired                         B. amazed

C. wondered                      D. advised

12. The statement completely laid bare their _______  for world conquest.

A. enterprise                      B. ambition

C. aspiration                      D. admiration

13. A warm sunshine _______ the coming of spring.

A. declare                          B. announces

C. proclaims                      D. publishes

14. The audiencehostile at firstwere greatly  _______ by her excellent performance.

A. annoyed                      B. encouraged

C. impressed                      D. depressed

15.But to _______ for their apparent lazinessthey are actually very intelligent.

A. compensate                      B. provide

C. search                          D. account

16.Another important difference is that adults frequently must apply their knowledge in some  _______   fashion in order to learn effectively.

A. probable                       B. practical

C. modern                           D. routine

17. A major goal of the state travel agency is to _______ more people to visit its country at the turn of the century.

A. reduce                           B. expect

C. arouse                           D. induce

18.Arriving anywhere _______  with these possessionshe might just as easily put up for a month or a year for a single day.

A. arrange                           B. manage

C. last                           D. stay

19.Changing from solid to liquidwater takes in heat from all substances near itand this_______  produces artificial cold surrounding it.

A. absorption                       B. transition

C. consumption                       D. interaction

20. United Nations officials warnedWhen children lack water that is fit for drinking and sanitationvirtually every aspect of their health and development is _______

A at a loss                       B at all costs

C at worst                       D at risk

21.People _______ that vertical flight transports would carry millions of passengers as do the airliners of today.

A. convinced                            B. anticipated

C. resolved                           D. assured

22.It is _______ to him how easily and quickly they had become friends.

A. astonished                          B. astonishing

C. horrified                          D. horrifying

23. Some people think they can read mans _______ from his handwriting.

A. attribute                          B. Feature

C. property                          D. character

24. There is no tickets _______now.

A. available                          B. used

C. bought                             D. left

25.At a press conference after the award ceremonythe 18-year-old girl spoke in a barely_______ voice.

A. audible                             B. optional

C. legible                             D. identical

26. He _______ with them for the property.

A. disputed                         B. debated

C. quarrelled                         D. bargained

27. A leading British scholar has proposed translating Shakespeare into contemporary English_______ young audiences who are confused by jokes which are 400 years out of date.

A. in memory of                         B. at the cost of

C. on behalf of                             D. for the benefit of

28. More and more students are _______ this modern type of instruction.

A. resulting from                         B. figuring out

C. benefiting                         D. bringing up

29.The managing director took the _______ for the accidentalthough it was not really his fault

A guilt                         B blame

C charge                         D accusation

30.When confronted with such questionsmy mind goes_______and I can hardly remember my own date of birth.

A. dim                            B. blank

C. faint                            D. vain

31.Edward is not very cheerfulhe needs a holiday to _______him up.

A. boast                        B. booth

C. boost                        D. booze

32.Researchers discovered that plants infected with a virus give off a gas that_______           disease resistance in neighboring plants.

A. contracts                        B. activates

C. maintains                        D. prescribe

33.If he told his wife about their planshe           agree.

A. would unnecessarily                   B. would simply

C. would certainly                       D. would alternatively

34.Susan loves chocolate so much that she can hardly resist its _______ .

A. sight                           B. brand

C. variety                           D. temptation

35.I saw the taxi _______ a parked car.

A. bump into                        B. come across

C. crash against                        D. stumble over

36.We _______ everything into the drawers.

A. buried                            B. burdened

C. bustled                            D. bundled

37.Some governments have forbidden cigarette _______ and launched anti-smoking campaigns.

A. commissions                        B. commodities

C. commercials                        D. commands

38.All flights  _______because of the snowstormthey decided to take the train.

A. were cancelled                        B. have been cancelled

C. had been cancelled                    D. having been cancelled

39. It is not that they will die of thirstratherthe poor quality of the water_______for cooking and drinking may make them ill

A valuable                        B desirable

C capable                        D available

40. I do not believe in equality of _______but I do believe in equality of opportunity.

A. skill                            B. talent

C. capacity                            D. capability

41. Christmas is a holiday usually celebrated on December 25th _______ the birth of JesusChrist

A in accordance with              B in terms of

C in favor of                      D in honor of

42.History has demonstrated that countries with different social systems can join hands in meeting the common challenges to human _______ and development.

A. evolution                      B. survival

C. satisfaction                   D. damage

43.Children in school are _______  into gradesaccording to how much they know.

A. listed                          B. classified

C. catalogued                          D. combined

44.North America has the worlds best _______for wild grapes.

A. weather                             B. whether

C. climax                             D. climate

45.The boundary disputes must be made through the proper_______ .

A. ways                         B. methods

C. means                            D. channels

46.The violent  _______ of his youth reappeared and was directed not only at the army but at his wife as well.

A. impatience                          B. character

C. temper                              D. quality

47. Factors leading to the crisis              poor regulationmismanagement and deception in the industryand competition from other types of financial firms.

A. cheating                         B. pollution

C. abuse                         D. depression

48.A neat letter improves your chances of a favorable _______ .

A. circumstance                         B. request

C. reception                         D. response

49.Some governments have forbidden cigarette_______ and launched anti-smoking campaigns.

A. commissions                          B. commodities

C. commercials                          D. commands

50.He _______  that a combination of recent oil discoveries and the advance of new technology will lead to a decline in the price of crude oil.

A. predicts                             B. compels

C. arranges                         D. Disputes











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